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The beginning of the year always holds excitement and promise, to share our hopes and dreams with you. It’s a privilege to serve you. We will share our goals and aspirations for the new year that ties our vision. Foundation School is a place where we build relationships and create a sense of belonging and to that end we look I look forward to seeing you in the teacher-parents meeting every time. “Education is about awakening to the power and beauty that lies within all of us” Education does not mean academic excellence. It rather is a harmonious and synchronized combination of hand, head, and heart i.e. skills like various arts, intellectual power, and value system. In the present era of the digitalized world, it is the biggest challenge before educators and parents, to virtue the young minds with the enable expressions of a holistic education therefore, we have come up with a vision to foster different facets of a student to see him/her develops as a vibrant student, responsible citizen, and above all a generous and sentimental human being. Our pedagogy is child-centric, with emphasis on the overall growth and development of our students the school is well equipped with spacious classrooms, science and computer laboratories, a music room, a play station & playroom for kindergarten, smart classes, a Library, a safe transport system, CCTV surveillance, High-End technology comprising school management software for administration od school Your valuable suggestions are always welcome. Choosing a school is a very important decision, we express our gratitude to the parent for choosing foundation school for their child to spend his/her formative years in it. With best wishes.

Er. Udham Singh Adhana Principal Director M.Tech., M.B.A.
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