Sainik Public School - Terms and Conditions

  1. Admission Policies:
    • Admission to Sainik Public School is subject to availability of seats and fulfillment of admission criteria.
    • The school reserves the right to refuse admission without providing a reason.
  2. Fee Structure:
    • Parents/Guardians are required to pay the prescribed fees on time.
    • Late fee charges will be applicable for delayed payments.
  3. Academic Policies:
    • Students are expected to adhere to the academic curriculum and participate in all mandatory examinations.
    • The school follows a code of conduct, and any violation may result in disciplinary action.
  4. Attendance and Punctuality:
    • Regular attendance is mandatory, and students are expected to arrive on time for classes and school events.
    • Absences must be communicated to the school in advance, along with a valid reason.
  5. Code of Conduct:
    • Students are expected to follow the school’s code of conduct, which includes respectful behavior, ethical conduct, and adherence to rules and regulations.
    • Disciplinary action will be taken for any misconduct, and the severity of the action will depend on the nature of the offense.
  6. Parental Involvement:
    • Parents/Guardians are encouraged to actively participate in the academic and extracurricular activities of their children.
    • Regular parent-teacher meetings will be scheduled to discuss the progress of students.
  7. Health and Safety:
    • The school is committed to providing a safe and healthy environment for students.
    • Parents/Guardians are required to inform the school of any medical conditions or allergies that their child may have.
  8. Withdrawal Policy:
    • Parents/Guardians must provide written notice if they intend to withdraw their child from the school.
    • The school may withhold academic records until all outstanding dues are settled.
  9. Changes to Terms and Conditions:
    • The school reserves the right to modify these terms and conditions. Notice of any changes will be communicated to parents/guardians in advance.
  10. Grievance Redressal:
    • Any grievances or concerns should be addressed through the designated channels provided by the school.
By enrolling your child in Sainik Public School, you acknowledge that you have read, understood, and agreed to comply with these terms and conditions.
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